A week with John Mayer in Boston, 2008.

John with songwriting guru, Pat Pattison.

John with guitarist and former guitar instructor, Tomo Fujita.

John with the Boston String Quartet, who performed on 'Waiting for the Avalanche'.

Liz Longley, Lee Moretti, and Ali Rapetti.

Emily Elbert, Bob Bradshaw, and the nose of Stoddy Blackall.

Ali Rapetti, Pat Pattison, and Emily Elbert.

With bassist Jeni Magana, playing at Monkey Rock in Boston, 2008.

Asheville artist Angi West, sharing the bill during the southern tour in 2009.

My dear friend and awesome singer-songwriter Becca Perkins on our southern tour in 2009.

Becca and our lovely friend Diane, in Hendersonville, NC.

Standing on the corner of Blues Alley and Delta Ave in Clarksville, MS, driving cross country from Boston to LA, 2010.



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